Luis Enrique: I didn’t see Messi celebration

Barcelona resorted to a late penalty to record victory over Leganes in a 2-1 win on Sunday.

Messi open score early in the game and converted a penalty in the closing minutes to give Barca a hard fought win after Unai Lopez had leveled for the promoted La Liga side.

Messi expressed less emotions and show little motion after scoring the winner for the current La Liga champion.

Barca loss 4-0 to PSG in the Champions League coming into the Leganes game and Messi’s reaction kind of portends the teams’ current situation but his manager Lius Enrique thinks less of the star man’s reaction.


“I didn’t see whether he celebrated or not,” Luis Enrique said after the game when asked about Messi’s reaction. “And I’m not the person who has to answer that.”

Leganes is yet to record a win in the League since November and many expected Barcelona to have an easy came on the promoted side but Enrique believe they had an improvement on the PSG game.

“Compared to the PSG game, I think we were better in everything,” he said. “We were much better. It’s obvious that we are not as fluid in terms of goalscoring chances, but we were better than we were in Paris – even if some people don’t see it.”

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