Valencia: Di Maria and Depay make me wonder if my time was reaching an end


Antonio Valencia has been a very consistent figure at Old Trafford even though he is not the Reds best star.

The Ecuador International has played for Man Utd for around seven years and hope to stay for another six years.

In June 2009, he joined from Wigan as a forward and featured in defence a couple of times along the line until Louis van Gaal began using him strictly in as a right back.

He was recently described as the best right back in the world by his manager, Jose Mourinho. However, the player didn’t enjoy so much confidence at some time in his Old Trafford career as he feared the arrival of Angel Di Maria and Memphis Depay could force him out from his beloved Man Utd.

“I am very happy and I’m very grateful for the manager’s words. I don’t believe I’m the best but I am really pleased to still be here,” Valencia told the Daily Mail.

“There was a time when I saw players of the class of Angel Di Maria and Memphis Depay arriving and wondered if my time was reaching an end. Perhaps I needed to start looking for a new club. Thankfully I just concentrated and trained hard and maybe that’s why I’m still here.

“I have a new contract and I love the club, the city and my family like living here in Manchester. I would like to stay here as long as I can, five even six years, more maybe!”

United host Watford at Old Trafford in the Premier League on Saturday and Valencia is expected to  once more showcase his ability.

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