Messi End Neighbours Noise with Money


Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi has proper solution to immune himself and family from noise by buying noisy neighbours house, according to Barca teammate Ivan Rakitic.

The midfielder disclosed to Croatian outlet Novi List “When he bought his house in Castelldefels, His neighbours were a little noisy, so Leo had to buy their house so he could be alone with His family. Luckily i have never had those problems”.

Occupants of the house near Messi’s were labelled ‘noisy’ and had ‘lot of strangers coming and going’ coupled with loud music playing causing discomfort for Messi and family.

The Football star tried to build a wall between both houses but was threatened with lawsuit as it infringe on some local regulations. This made Him to out-rightly buy up the house just to have some peace.

The Argentina star purchased the detached house near his own in 2013, as reported by Victor Malo of Diario Gol

Messi helped Barca reached their fourth consecutive final of Copa Del Rey on Tuesday drawing with Atletico Madrid 1-1, having won the first leg 2-1.

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