Same Old Arsenal

3b7f2db800000578-4046344-image-m-23_1482098862049Arsenal today lock horns with Chelsea the league leaders , a game which  holds much prospect and hasn’t fail  by any standard in previous encounters.

The Stamford Bridge team  made a slow start to the League this season. But things have since picked up and are appearing very rosy at the moment. Chelsea are nine points clear at the top of the table with May gradually in site.
Their visitor Arsenal has failed in their quest  to win the highly coveted English Premier League for eleven years. The situation has created much uncertainty around the Emirates over the years, notably as it concerns the future of their Manager Arsene Wenger.

Club fans are divided on whether or not Wenger still has the managerial know-how to pilot the team in the new footballing era where things have clearly departed from the old  and so many changes have surfaced in the great leather game.

The most successful manager in Arsenal history, Wenger has won 3 League Cup, 6 FA Cup, the inventor of the Invincible and sure a great personality. But there have been less celebrations in recent time for fans as a result of the team inconsistency.

This season, at some point, it looks Arsenal are different and ready to compete with some show of consistency, thrashing one of their major rivals Chelsea in the first leg of the Premier League encounter. However, as usual along the line, the team started loosing points. A lackluster performance against Man City as though they have surrendered victory before  kick-off, signified the old Arsenal. The first half in the recent game against Bournemouth was a disaster but the boys did well to bounce back with few minutes to the end of the match to drawn 3-3. A game they should have taken all three points. And a shocking 2-1 lost to Watford on Tuesday at the Emirate will turnout the game that would separate Arsenal from competing for the league this season because Chelsea has never been an easy ground for the Gunners.

Arsenal fans look to the game against Chelsea today with less hope due to the Watford defeat which has in no small measure reduced the season’s glory for Arsenal as they fail to steal from the growing gap Chelsea enjoys at the top. And with Chelsea flying at the moment (Costa at the centre of it all), Arsenal can only be at their very best to stand a Chance at Stamford Bridge and maybe relaunch for a great season finish.




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