Chelsea all the way to the EPL title

Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp and Thierry Henry bear their minds on Chelsea’s current run and how events could go.

After gaining maximum points from their last 12 matches and with six points off their closest team, Chelsea looks really unstoppable.

But the league has until May to crown its champion. Other teams blistering in form like Liverpool, Manchester city, Manchester united, Arsenal and Tottenham are likely to keep the push on as we have seen all too often in the Premier League history, anything can happen.

Will Chelsea show the resilience and believe which was their hallmark during the Mourinho first era at the club? how will fatigue and injuries impact Antonio Conte’s team? And how will the big sides trailing them respond?

On his part, Gary Neville thinks the rest of them have just got to keep winning. They’ve got to put pressure on Chelsea and believe that the cracks will come. They will drop points.At the moment Chelsea’s spine looks so much stronger than other teams, and if they can stay clear of injury, and with the fixture run-in they have they are in a good position, but I would still say there is a lot of hope for the other teams.

Thierry lauded the team’s structure and believe, he gave them credit for their plan. However thinks it is up to other teams to put on pressure, but they don’t concede goals, it’s vital.

Jamie Redknapp expect Chelsea to beat Stoke at home, but that Tottenham game is the one, that would be 14 games won and the record they are looking for.

Jamie Carragher says Chelsea are big favourites, and of course Liverpool are in with a shout.

With the run Chelsea are on, that doesn’t happen often, and there’s a reason for that. That run will come to an end.



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